May Expenses

May was an extremely busy and hectic month for us. We moved out of our house after the 1st week of May, and are now currently staying in temporary lodging until July, when we will be moving out of state.  This month I decided to break our expenses down in each category.

1.) Food

Due to our transitioning, we did spend quite a bit more than usual on food. Not being able to cook at home forced us to eat out, which we typically don’t do often. We also purchased food for our movers for 3 days, which added to our food expenses. We generally average around 11%, but this month we came in at 15%.

2.) Personal

Our personal expenses were higher than usual this month as well. Moving from a cooler climate (typically 40-75 degrees in the summer) to a much warmer climate (over 100 degrees in the summer) has forced us to buy the entire family new clothes. We usually don’t need shorts or tanks where we live, so over the past 3 years, they have slowly been removed from our wardrobe. Our little guy also required new shoes, as he managed to outgrow all of his shoes last month. Mr. R2R broke his tablet case, so he had to order a new one. We highly recommend heavy-duty cases for all of your electronics instead of those pricey insurances.  We have always come out ahead this way. You can find good deals on Amazon. Never purchase them at the store.  They’re always over-priced. This category also includes any alcohol we buy, our daily burn subscription, and our kids’ allowance. Stressful days moving=more wine.

3.) Recreation

Our recreation budget consisted of our daughter’s birthday party and swim lessons for our son. I posted about how we saved 60% on her birthday party last month. Check it out for a few tips.  We also did a mother-daughter and father-son day. Mrs. R2R and daughter went to the movies, and Mr. R2R and son went to the pool.

4.) Gifts

We had a few expenses in our gift budget for mother’s day and a friend’s baby shower. Although we had a no money rule for our family’s mother’s day, Mr. R2R and I did not forget about our own mothers.

5.) Medical

The little guy had a cavity at his annual check-up this month. Our daughter has made it 13 years without a single cavity, but our little guy seems to have one at every check-up.

6.) Miscellaneous

This category included toothbrush heads for our Sonicare toothbrushes, razors, make-up remover, glue, bath sponges, and salt for our water softener.

7.) Housing

I had to calculate our housing expenses a little different this month. Since we still had our mortgage, but also had tenants moving in mid-month, I deducted their pro-rated payment from our mortgage to get the amount that we actually spent. We also had to move in to temporary lodging, which I accounted for.  In the end, the costs ended up being about what we usually would have spent on our monthly mortgage.

8.) Utilities 

Our utility bills were slightly less as the temperatures began to warm up. This category includes electric, gas, cell phones, and internet. These should lower as we pay the final bills from our house this month. We will only have our cell phone bill while we are staying in a hotel. However, we are being forced to look at new providers as our current provider does not offer service where we are moving, which is a bummer since our current bill is only $44.46 for 3 smartphones.

9.) Transportation

This category includes our car insurance and gas.  We did swap tires on one of our vehicles.  We expect these costs to be much lower over the next two months. Mr. R2R was commuting about 45 minutes to and from work each week. He is now only 2 minutes from work. He’s able to make the trip for almost nothing in his Prius.

10.) Savings

Despite higher expenses in our food and personal categories, we were able to make our 40% savings rate goal this month. We typically stay between 35%-40% here. We hope to eventually get to a 50% savings rate.

Overall, I’m happy that we were able to meet our savings goal this month. Were you able to meet your savings goal this month? Did you stay on track with your budget? Have any tips? Share them!