When we paid off $32,000 of debt in a year, we were beyond excited. We were hopeful, motivated, and ready to pursue financial independence. We set a goal to retire by 43, giving us just 13 years to reach financial independence through intentional financial planning, and aggressive investing. We saw money as a means to buy freedom, not things.  Money can give you freedom to do what makes you happy. It can give you the freedom to walk away from a job that you hate. It can give you the freedom to stay at home with your children, or to travel.  You don’t have to be stuck working behind a desk until you’re 65. We hope to show people that happiness isn’t necessarily defined in materialistic possessions, but more so in financial security, leaving us with the opportunity to spend our time pursuing what we enjoy. Live within your means, increase your savings rate, and invest aggressively. Shed that financial stress, focus on what’s important, and  let’s buy our freedom.