Want the Conveniences of an RV, but Without the Costs?

As I write this post, we are currently on a 2 week road trip from Alaska to Florida, but this isn’t our first long road trip, and it certainly won’t be our last. When we are traveling on long road trips with our extra large kennel in the back for our 125 lb. dog, luggage piled to the ceiling, and our family of four shoved in our minivan like a can of sardines, I start to dream about how very different our trips could be if we were traveling in a motorhome. I envision our family traveling the open road, where we are free to move around and stretch our legs out. The family dogs nap on the floor in the bedroom, and our children sit at the dining room table watching a movie and eating lunch while my husband and I are in the front seats, well rested, because we did not get up at 5 a.m. to load the car like a jigsaw puzzle, carefully attempting to fit each piece of luggage in every inch of empty space. We pull into our campground, and quickly set up, because there’s no need to unpack the entire car. After cooking dinner, everyone gets a shower, and we put the kids to bed, because they’re exhausted from exploring and playing all day. Then, Mr. R2R and I stay up under the stars, which shine so bright because we are far away from those pesky city lights, and sip our wine in peace. We repeat this every weekend, because, duh, we have an RV. Yes, the entire idea of an RV can be extremely appealing, but when I consider the expenses associated with an RV, I quickly toss the idea out the window, ashamed that I ever considered it at all. I’ve ran the numbers, and I just can’t bring myself to invest that kind of money in a depreciating asset. I was shocked to learn that people finance these suckers for 10 years, or even longer. If you have a large enough loan, you could even finance one for 20 years!  After 20 years, that same RV would almost be worthless. Don’t forget the additional costs of insurance, maintenance, fuel, storage, and campground fees. Depending on the type of RV you purchase, you may even need a large gas-guzzling truck to pull that sucker. Besides, look at the statistics and you’ll quickly discover that most people never use them as often as they had planned, and after the first year, it’s usage quickly dwindles. After considering all of these expenses, and the amount of time we would actually use the RV, I quickly came to the realization that our money is best left in our investments where it will grow and continue to work for us. If you also dream about the conveniences of an RV, but can’t bring yourself to fork over that kind of cash , check out these products that can still give you some of the conveniences of an RV, but without the costs.


Consider a cabin tent that comes with room dividers. Everyone will have their own space (your teen will thank you), and it’s tall enough for you to stand up and walk around. No more crawling around.

Place a floor mat in your tent to keep the ground dry, and make it more comfortable to walk on. It’s easy to clean, mold and mildew resistant, and easy to store. Oh no! Everyone’s tracked dirt inside. No problem! Just shake the mat out, and place it back in your tent for a clean and dirt-free floor.

Consider an airbed cot to keep you off of the ground. This one comes with two side tables with cup holders.

Your kids will love this bunk bed cot with storage pockets. Just beware, they may fight over who gets the top bunk.

Even if you’re close to facilities in the campground, it can be an inconvenience to walk to the restrooms in the middle of the night, especially if you have small children.  With a portable toilet, nobody has to leave their campsite.

Of course with a toilet, you would also need some privacy while you take care of business. Look for a privacy pop-up tent, and create your own private restroom.

You may not have showering facilities nearby, or you may want the convenience of having your own private shower. Check out this portable camping shower with a privacy shelter.

Grilling is my favorite part of camping. Check out this portable grill with side tables and a stand. It folds to a compact size with a handle and wheels.

Now that you have grilled up your burgers, you need somewhere to sit and enjoy your food. If your campsite doesn’t have picnic tables, you can always bring your own. This one folds up for easy transport.

Even when camping, we still like to stay connected. Check out this dual USB solar charger to keep your phones charged while you enjoy nature.

Have any other camping essentials that you love? Share them!