August and September Monthly Expense Reports

With the recent move, and a more demanding curriculum for my kids, I can say that I am struggling a bit with time management. Unfortunately, my blog has had to sit this month out as I desperately try to create more hours in the day to complete my tasks. Luckily, I did manage to find time to budget, and although I’m a bit late, I will include our monthly expense reports for August and September.


Housing 15%

We didn’t have any repairs this month, so our mortgage was the only expense we had for housing.

Utilities 8%

This includes our daily burn, netflix, hulu, internet, water, trash, sewage, gas, electric, and cell phone bill. Our cell phone bill was a bit higher here because we actually had two. We had our final bill from our previous cell phone company, and a bill from our new company.

Food 14%

We were right on budget for our food this month. We budget 14% for our monthly food budget, but hope to get this amount closer to 12% in the next few months.

Transportation 6%

This category included our gas and car insurance. Our car insurance was a bit higher, because we actually had two bills when we had to swap our insurance over to our new state due to the move.

Recreation 2%

This category included travel insurance for our upcoming cruise, which we paid for with reward points from our credit cards. It also included eclipse glasses we bought to view the total eclipse. Hope you all were able to see it.

Miscellaneous 10%

Our miscellaneous fund came in very high this month due to the move. I bought some bar stools off of craigslist, and had to buy paint and furniture nails to redo them. I also reupholstered them at no expense, since I used an old shower curtain with a beautiful pattern. We also bought an edger for the yard, and our daughter needed a new box spring for her bed. Some other expenses included gloves, mouthwash, school supplies, pest control, razors, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, a sleeping bag, dental floss, face wash, silverware trey, and trampoline stakes.

Personal 4%

This category included allowance, wine, a replacement knife for my husband, new crocs for our daughter, PJ’s for our son, a shirt for Mr. R2R, and a dress and a pair of jeans for me.

Medical 0%

Gifts 0%

Savings 41%

Despite our higher than normal expenses in some categories, we still managed to reach a 41% savings rate this month. I am always thrilled to be over 40%.


Housing 17%

Our housing expenses this month came in about 2% higher than usual. This is due to pest control expenses, shelving for the garage, and plywood for our attic in addition to our usual monthly mortgage.

Utilities 7%

This category includes our internet, gas, electric, daily burn, hulu, netflix, and cell phone.

Food 15%

We came in about 1% higher this month. We splurged and got some food at our state fair.

Transportation 6%

Our transportation came in a little high this month due to our 100,000 mile inspection. That’s right, our Honda Odyssey has hit 100,000 miles and is still going strong. We believe strongly that regular maintenance directly impacts the longevity of any vehicle.

Recreation 7%

Our recreation came in high this month. We were looking at gyms, and decided to continue with our daily burn membership. We also decided to invest in some equipment to do some of the programs we have been wanting to try out. This included medicine balls and plyo boxes. We also took the kids to the state fair, and bought tickets to our local comi-con.

Miscellaneous 6%

Our keurig broke this month, so we had to purchase a new one. This time we decided to splurge and go for a new model. We also had to buy ink cartridges for our printer, dental floss, paper towels, toilet paper, lotion, and razors.

Personal 9%

Our personal expenses this month included allowances, vodka, eye cream, a new swimsuit,  blush, underwear, and we splurged on a few new clothing items for our upcoming cruise. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much tropical attire moving from Alaska.

Medical 3%

We had a vet bill for our 2 dogs. The clinic in Alaska did not perform a heart worm test at their last check-up, and so we had tests ran on both of them, and went ahead and got them all of their vaccines.

Gifts 2%

This category included a new baby gift, gifts for our son, a sympathy gift, and a donation.

Savings 28%

We did not hit our usual savings goal this month, but that’s okay. Sometimes we save more than our average, and sometimes we come in a little low. Were you able to hit your savings rate goal this month?