July Expense Report

We are finally getting settled into our new home after a very long move, which resulted in me neglecting the blog for over a month. Now that we are getting back into a routine, we are mostly unpacked, and the kids are in school, I’m finally finding a few spare minutes here and there to write. We experienced a very high savings rate for the month of July, but it’s not because we didn’t spend money. My husband’s employer reimbursed him the majority of expenses associated with our move. These reimbursements include lodging, food, gas, and even extra money to cover miscellaneous expenses directly associated with the move. Therefore, the amount we spent out of our own pocket was minimal since we were traveling most of the month. We moved back into a house that we were renting out while we were away. I have a separate business account where I stash the cash flow from our rental properties. We replaced the carpet in our home with the money from our business account, which is not included in our expense report since I do not include this income in our monthly expense reports. I know at some point the money will go right back into our properties, so I don’t even include it in our savings rate. We also had to have our exterior repainted. We used our relocation allowance to cover this expense, which was not included in our expense report. Keeping that in mind, here’s our expense report for July.

Food 0.89%

This included our food for the first week of July before our move. We tried to keep our food expenses low while we were traveling, and was able to have most of the month covered by our daily food allowance from my husband’s employer. We ate mostly at quick service places and grocery stores.

Auto 3.48%

Although most of our gas was covered for the drive, we did have an oil change and had to replace our windshield wipers. This category also includes our car insurance.

Housing 8.18%

We did have our hotel expenses covered during the move, but we still had lodging expenses for the first week in July. In previous posts I had mentioned that we moved out of our house 2 months before our scheduled move in order to ensure that we could secure tenants.

Utilities 0.97%

Since we were staying in hotels, we did not have many utility bills. We paid our final electric bill, cell phone bill, and our Netflix and Hulu.

Personal 4.82%

This category included allowance for our kids, wine, a video game, book and haircut for Mr. R2R, some blog expenses, a souvenir pin from Mt. Rushmore, a picture from Universal Studios, and 2 swimsuits for our daughter. I usually cut Mr. R2R’s hair, and he would usually go to the library for a book, but since we were traveling at the time, it was easier to pay for these conveniences.

Miscellaneous 1.60%

This  category included a locker rental at Volcano Bay in Universal Studios, sunscreen, body wash, razors, a sewing kit, a dog bed, and laundry expenses at the hotel.

Health 0.13%

I ran out of lavender essential oil, so I had to replace it. That was the only expense we had in our health category this month.

Recreation 4.14%

This included what was left to pay for our stay at Universal after I used our credit card rewards to cover the majority of the stay.

Gifts 0.54%

We bought a few infinity characters on clearance for the kids as a special treat since we were in the middle of a move. They were stuck in hotel rooms a lot, so this gave them a new game to play.

Savings 75.25%

Since we spent most of the month traveling, and the majority of those expenses were covered by my husband’s employer, we were really able to hit a high savings rate, which will go directly into our investments.

How did the month of July look for you? Were you able to hit your savings goals?

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