Mother’s Day No Money Challenge

I’m a practical woman. I love getting gifts that I need or have a use for, but lately I’m finding that I don’t need a whole lot. Often times, I end up receiving a gift that sits on a shelf collecting dust. I can’t toss it because it was a gift, so I get stuck lugging around all of these gifts move after move.

Buying gifts can be equally daunting, as I mindlessly wander from store to store or site to site, trying to find the perfect gift.  Holidays put so much pressure on us to spend money. We think that gifts equate to love. After all, this is the message that advertisements portray. We need to identify this notion as utterly false. Don’t be fooled by marketing tactics, and free yourself of gifts this year. This year for Mother’s Day, I have a no money rule. No cards, no flowers, no brunch, absolutely nothing that cost any money. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pass to blow off Mother’s Day, but I do want my family to know that there are other ways to show me that they love and appreciate me. Spending money does not equate to love. Let’s alter our thinking, ignore those faulty advertisements, and lean away from mindless consumerism. Want to try it out? Take the “Mother’s Day No Money Challenge.” Share how your family showed you how much they care without spending a cent.