Why My Sad Closet Makes Me Happy

We are getting ready to move 3,888 miles away.  Although moving every few years is challenging, there are a few benefits. I get to go through my entire house and discover how many useless things we have accumulated since our last move. Although I try to do this about twice a year, it still amazes me at how much we still manage to have when the time comes for another move. I’ve recently been exploring the idea of these wardrobe capsules. I love the idea of having fewer items, and therefore more closet space. Since I’m moving, I decided that this would be the perfect time to go through my clothes, and just unload. After going through everyone’s rooms, I donated 7 bags of clothing and miscellaneous items. I separated our winter clothing into a separate tub, and limited our clothing items in our closet to a packable amount.  Did I mention that we will be homeless and living out of suitcases for the next 3 months? Good times! Some may say that my closet looks sad, but let me tell you why I never plan to go back to an over-stuffed closet again.


1.) It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Walking into an uncluttered closet feels amazing. I don’t have 50 shirts crammed into a small space. When my house looks organized, I’m relaxed and I feel good.


2.) It’s Easier to Match Outfits

When I can actually see all of my clothes, I’m able to match outfits better than I could in an over-stuffed closet. I’ve put things together that I never would have thought of, and I love it.


3.) It Saves Money

When I am mindful about limiting the amount of clothing that I have, I’m not blindly shopping. I can see if I need to replace a pair of pants. I can see if I need a new shirt. I can then go and shop for those specific items in whatever colors I need. I don’t window shop, coming home with more clothes that aren’t versatile.


Want to try out my minimal closet? Do what I did, and pack your least favorites away, or just rip the band-aid off, and donate them. See if you miss them. Chances are, you won’t!